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    build: Integrate introspection builds into MSVC projects · 09b7dc81
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    This is so that it is easier for one building GTK+ with Visual Studio to
    build the introspection files as well in one shot.  Note that this is
    not built by default, so one needs to select the gtk3-introspect
    explicitly to build (and clean up) the introspection files.
    For this to work, one needs to ensure the following:
    -A complete build of GObject-Introspection in $(GlibEtcInstallRoot),
     that is built with the same installation of the Python interpretor that
     is used here (see PythonDir and PythonDirX64 in
    -Introspection files for ATK, GDK-Pixbuf and Pango, also in their proper
     locations under $(GlibEtcInstallRoot), which should be built with the
     same G-I installation.
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