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    Try to figure out if this is Digital Unix and we need -std1 to get the · f75d8b0c
    Owen Taylor authored
    Sat May  9 20:11:20 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* configure.in (LIBS): Try to figure out if this
    	is Digital Unix and we need -std1 to get the
    	right prototypes.
    Sat May  9 20:08:12 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* glib/gmem.c: Experimentally restore GMemChunk
    	to its primeval state - where mem areas are
    	freed incrementally instead of searching the tree
    	every time a mem area is completely empty. Also,
    	always keep one mem chunk around. (Reduced calls
    	to malloc() a lot, but doesn't really improve
    	performance significiantly)
    Fri May  8 21:31:50 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_queue_draw): Free the
    	draw-queue when we are done.
    	(gtk_widget_queue_draw/_queu_resize): Always return
    	FALSE and avoid having two idles at the same time.
    Fri May  8 21:04:00 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtktext.c: Various fixes to make sure cache
    	lines are freed if line_start_cache doesn't point to the
    	beginning of the cache.
    Thu May  7 09:44:22 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* style_set improvements for GtkText and GtkEntry
    Tue May  5 19:49:27 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gdk/gdkpixmap.c: Patches from Gordon Matzigkeit
    	to speed things up and remove code duplication.
    	Reintegrated buffer overflow patches, and added
    	some extra paranoia.
    Tue May  5 17:04:14 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gdk/gdk.c (gdk_event_translate): A guint * was
    	being passed where X expected a Keysym *, and
    	keysyms are long's on Alpha Linux. This was causing
    	segfaults in Xlib, apparently because of alignment.
    	(Bug located by Juergen Haas <haas@forwiss.uni-passau.de>)
    Tue May  5 19:11:27 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkdrawingarea.c (gtk_drawing_area_realize): Always
    	set GDK_EXPOSURE_MASK for DrawingAreas
    Tue May  5 14:32:37 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.[ch]: removed gtk_widge_propagate_default_style
    	(superceded by RC file reparsing capabilities)
    	* gtk/gtkwindow.c: Add handling for _GDK_READ_RFCILES client
    	events. (Shouldn't be sent to the InputOnly leader, which
    	it is now by gdk_event_send_clientmessage_toall
    	* gtk/testgtk.c: Added extra button to rcfiles test
    	to send out _GDK_READ_RCFILES events.
    Tue May  5 11:03:00 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkselection.c (gtk_selection_clear): Fixed
    	reversed conditionals that caused segfault on some
    Tue May  5 00:44:47 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkcontainer.c (gtk_container_set_focus_[hv]adjustment):
    	cast to GTK_OBJECT for gtk_object_ref.
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