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    display the current cursor name. · da355fee
    Tim Janik authored
    Tue Jul 14 06:25:46 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * gtk/testgtk.c (create_cursors): display the current cursor name.
            * gtk/gtktypeutils.h:
            * gtk/gtktypeutils.c (gtk_type_init_builtin_types): cleanups to
            the fundamental type definition. the GtkArg union now only covers
            the required storage types for argument values. adapted the GTK_VALUE_*
            macro set. handle GTK_TYPE_UCHAR. definiton of type set bounds macros.
            * gtk/gtkargcollector.c (gtk_arg_collect_value): clean ups of the
            code, fixed int/float collection. fixed a bug in the sanity checking
            code for GtkObjects.
            * gtk/gtkbindings.c (gtk_binding_entry_add_signal): fixups of the
            argument collection code.
            * gtk/gtksignal.c (gtk_signal_collect_params): use the type set bounds
            macros when distinguishing the return type.
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