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    new enum GtkSortType. · c8df83a2
    Stefan Jeske authored
    Wed Aug  5 21:12:37 1998  Stefan Jeske  <stefan@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkenums.h: new enum GtkSortType.
    	* gtk/gtkclist.h:
    	* gtk/gtkclist.c:
    	Added sorting capabilities to GtkCList. New APIs :
    	gtk_clist_set_compare_func, gtk_clist_set_sort_column,
    	gtk_clist_set_sort_type, gtk_clist_sort, gtk_clist_set_auto_sort.
    	New internal functions : default_compare, merge, mergesort.
    	(gtk_clist_append): This is just a wrapper for gtk_clist_insert now.
    	(gtk_clist_insert): Modified to handle gtk_clist_append and the
    	auto sort flag. Changed the return value from void to gint to
    	return the row number where the element was actually inserted.
    	(gtk_clist_swap_rows): Return immediately if auto sort flag is set.
    	* gtk/gtkctree.h:
    	* gtk/gtkctree.c:
    	Removed the auto_sort flag, replaced ctree->node_compare with
    	clist->compare all over the place, modified default_compare to
    	match clist's needs. Removed APIs : gtk_ctree_set_auto_sort,
    	gtk_ctree_set_compare_func. Removed GtkCTreeCompareFunc typedef.
    	* gtk/testgtk.c: Modified clist/ctree samples to demonstrate
    	sorting. The lists can be sorted by a column by clicking the
    	corresponding title button.
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