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    Release 1.38.0 · 115a45d4
    MoonlightWave-12 authored
    - 25 wide shapes have been added,
      so that every available layout now has a wide shape
    - "PgUp" and "PgDn" on the terminal-layouts have been relabeled
      to "Page ↑" and "Page ↓"
    - The Spanish and French terminal-layouts now have translated key-names
    - The Spanish terminal-layout has been updated with the additional
    keys that are already available on the US-terminal-layout.
    - The wide and base shapes of the German layout had a different
      key-arrangement and the wide shape did not have a button to access
      additional characters; this has been fixed.
    - Squeekboard's versioning now follows Phosh's versioning
      (for example: Squeekboard 1.38 was released in time for Phosh 0.38)
    - The build-system has been simplified
      - A single Cargo.toml file is used,
        instead of assembling it from multiple parts
      - Newer dependencies are now used for building Squeekboard by default
    - Squeekboard's main development-platform is now Debian Testing
    - The layout-files have been cleaned up,
      so that those are easier to understand and edit
    Part-of: <World/Phosh/squeekboard!631>
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