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Issue #28: Fix and update build process

Surpasses !36 (closed)

Closes: #28 (closed)

First, I propose commits that are crucial changes to have a functional build, which was not possible until now, at least not on Windows.

I know that isn't possible to maintain the docs aways updated, but these pages didn't aged well. Let's fix it.

Them, I propose changes that can be seen as more subjective and be misunderstood by most contributors, especially two of them:

1) The removal of "rubble" in Windows and Linux page

Justification for removal: The build instructions page should be updated and functional in order to help introducing the contributor. To achieve this objective, they must contain only what is necessary.

I have never seen, in my limited contributing experience, a page about build that offers working AND virtual (not working) options. Examples are: how to cross-compile GIMP on Ubuntu 12.04, how to compile plugins with VS Studio 2010). These options are outdated and, worse, incomplete, which makes them even more virtual.

It seems to me that we were beyond the limit of what is reasonable and entered into a bad Wiki behavior that most of the community doesn't benefit.

And speaking of Wiki, Inkscape sets an good example that just because something is a Wiki doesn't mean we should pile up information:

2) The reducing of advice in Linux page

Justification for removal: The advice, although very warm and well intentioned, contained redundant information about dependencies that already existed (with other words) on the main/index page.

But it also contains a kind of mini sermon and case-by-case examples of which distro to choose that seems too beginner-friendly. It seemed exaggerated, even for me who didn't have any degree in programming. So, it was reduced.

Once again, I would like to bring the good example of Inkscape. Obviously it has different dependencies and uses another distro as a base, but it's still a good verbiage paradigm:

Perhaps this is the most subjective change in MR, but I ask that you consider accepting it, as it makes the reading much more fluid.

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