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leo boireau requested to merge leo/damned-lies:master into master


The change is located in the folder. It changes a link that was no longer working and also corrects a command that was incorrect.

Migration and compatibility

  • The merge request DOES NOT update the models. If it does, it is needed to migrate the database after merging, add the label ~"Database migrations"
  • The merge request DOES NOT break the compatibility.

Related documents

There are no new methods, just a correction to what's inside the `' file.


Before being accepted, any merge request must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Check PEP8 writing style as described in
  • Ensure existing tests are still working properly.
  • Features have been tested.
  • You used your best English for every translatable string 😀.
  • You marked every translatable string with gettext, blocktrans and/or trans.
  • Ensure that there is no side effect in files: changes are only related to one, and only one feature.
  • Ensure that no file has been removed by accident.
  • Document you API, as well as the behavior, if needed, in docs.
  • Ensure the commit history is “clean enough” (this means no extra merge commits, etc − try to rebase to clean it if possible).
  • Ensure pipeline succeeds.

Deploy Notes

Apart from a modification to what already exists, there have been no changes to anything else, so everything is functional.

Steps to Test or Reproduce

There were 2 steps, the first was to change a link that no longer worked and the second was a modification to a command where there was an extra letter.

git checkout <feature_branch>  # Switch to the feature branch
git fetch --all --prune  # Download new commits
git reset --hard <remote>/<feature_branch>  # Override your local worktree with the one from remote branch

Impacted Areas in Application

No one composant.

Edited by leo boireau

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