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Check if strings are updated by the submitted commits

Guillaume Bernard requested to merge (removed):gettext-check into master

In !51 (closed), I unintentionally updated a string and your discerning eye has noticed it. This MR proposes the following:

  • I updated the update-trans command in order to generate another file, code.po which contains only code strings. The syntax has been a little bit changed in order to conform a bit more to the Martin’s clean code practices.
  • I added a pre-commit hook that compares the current po file (under po/) which the newly generated code.po file. If any change is noticeable, a PO file with the differences is generated.
  • The check has been added in the gitlab-ci.yml file. Failure is non blocking as it’s mainly to inform the reviewer that some strings changed, which can obviously happen some times. The difference file is uploaded to the MR.
  • I updated the file to inform contributors they have to override the core.hooksPath setting.

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