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    look for libncurses or libtermcap include other libraries (ncurses, · d7a0c47a
    Nalin Dahyabhai authored
    * configure.in: look for libncurses or libtermcap
    * vte.pc.in: include other libraries (ncurses, termcap, socket, whatever) in
    	the list of libraries.
    * src/keymap.c(_vte_keymap_map): for Home and End, consult libncurses or
    	libtermcap if we have no hard-wired mapping and there's none in the
    	termcap file.  Should fix #100472, even in cases where Home and End
    	vary wildly from what I've got on my box.
    * src/keymap.c: rename cursor/fkey_normal to cursor/fkey_default, which makes a
    	little more sense.
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