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    add missing check for recvmsg. formatting and spelling fixes. reorganize. · b8cd0940
    Nalin Dahyabhai authored
    * configure.in: add missing check for recvmsg.
    * gnome-pty-helper/gnome-login-support.c: formatting and spelling fixes.
    * gnome-pty-helper/gnome-login-support.c(n_read): reorganize.
    * gnome-pty-helper/gnome-login-support.c(n_write): add.
    * gnome-pty-helper/gnome-login-support.h: add prototype for n_write.
    * gnome-pty-helper/gnome-pty-helper.c: only define the I_SENDFD version of
    	pass_fd() if I_SENDFD is defined, to clarify compile errors when it
    	isn't defined.
    * src/pty.c(main): exercise session logging.
    * src/pty.c(_vte_pty_open_with_helper): add more debug messages.
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