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Draft: Generated properties for getters and setters of compact classes in bindings

In all compact classes in vapi files, this should generate properties for getters and setters. However I was unsure of how to generate properties in these cases, so I skipped them:

  1. If the getter takes a paramter, e.g.:
public unowned string get_line_term (out int length);
  1. If the setter takes more than one parameter, e.g.:
public void set_line_term (string line_term, int length);
  1. If the setter has return type other than void, e.g.:
public IOStatus set_flags (IOFlags flags) throws IOChannelError;

How do I generate properties for these cases above?
Please suggest if I need to make any corrections. I will go through all the changes once again to make sure that there are no bugs. Also, is there any way to test these changes?

This fixes #1512 .

Edited by Sudhanshu Tiwari

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