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    Added a D-Bus Service plugin by Lucky <lucky1.data@gmail.com>. (Closes: · 1bf66809
    Philip Withnall authored
    2009-04-01  Philip Withnall  <philip@tecnocode.co.uk>
    	* configure.in:
    	* src/plugins/dbus-service/Makefile.am:
    	* src/plugins/dbus-service/dbus-service.py:
    	* src/plugins/dbus-service/dbus-service.totem-plugin.in: Added a
    	D-Bus Service plugin by Lucky <lucky1.data@gmail.com>.
    	(Closes: #576016)
    2009-04-01  Philip Withnall  <philip@tecnocode.co.uk>
    	* C/totem.xml: Added documentation for the new D-Bus Service plugin.
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