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    Port most uses of Gtk.Action to GLib.Action · a77ea4f7
    Niels De Graef authored
    I wasn't planning on doing this in such a huge rework, but given that
    the way the Gtk.ActionGroups were handled was so tightly coupled
    throughout the codebase, I barely had a choice.
    A list of the most major changed:
    * Since it was easier to setup (compared to migrating the menubar), we
    now use a popover for our menu (together with a GMenuModel in the
    builder file).
    * We no longer use the registry as a magical way of passing generators.
    We make a menu with the GActions that can create keys, and they will be
    only shown if that action exists. This means the Registry no longer has
    a concept of generators.
    * Given that it was the easiest way, we removed the GenerateSelect
    dialog for selecting new items in favor of a popover with the actions
    * A SeahorseBackend's `actions`-property can no longer be null
    * Moved some GActions from KeyManager/Catalog to SeahorseApplication
    where appropriate.
    * Moved the actions that were being registered from the Generate dialogs
    (e.g. Seahorse.Ssh.Generate) to their respective backends.
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