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    Fix rb_uri_append_uri when operating on two URIs. · c89146cf
    Jonathan Matthew authored
    2007-10-14  Jonathan Matthew  <jonathan@d14n.org>
    	* lib/rb-file-helpers.c: (rb_uri_append_uri):
    	Fix rb_uri_append_uri when operating on two URIs.
    	* sources/rb-playlist-source.c: (rb_playlist_source_class_init),
    	(default_mark_dirty), (rb_playlist_source_mark_dirty):
    	* sources/rb-playlist-source.h:
    	* sources/rb-static-playlist-source.c:
    	Add a new method on the playlist source class, called when the
    	playlist becomes dirty.  Mark static playlists dirty when rows are
    	* shell/Makefile.am:
    	* corelib/Makefile.am:
    	Link rhythmdb into the core shared library rather than the rhythmbox
    	* lib/rb-marshal.list:
    	* rhythmdb/Makefile.am:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-import-job.c:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-import-job.h:
    	* bindings/python/Makefile.am:
    	* bindings/python/rhythmdb.defs:
    	New object for tracking the progress of the importing of a set of
    	paths.  Counts the total number of database entries to be added, and
    	emits a signal when the whole job is done.
    	* shell/rb-shell.c: (construct_sources):
    	* sources/rb-import-errors-source.c: (rb_import_errors_source_new):
    	* sources/rb-import-errors-source.h:
    	Take entry type as a parameter so we can have import error sources
    	attached to devices etc.
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-monitor.c: (entry_volume_mounted_or_unmounted):
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-private.h:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb.h:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb.c: (process_added_entries_cb),
    	(rhythmdb_process_stat_event), (rhythmdb_add_import_error_entry),
    	(rhythmdb_process_file_created_or_modified), (queue_stat_uri),
    	(queue_stat_uri_tad), (action_thread_main), (rhythmdb_add_uri),
    	(rhythmdb_add_uri_with_types), (default_sync_metadata),
    	* sources/rb-removable-media-source.c:
    	When adding paths to the database, carry around entry types to use for
    	ignored files and import errors, as well as for successful imports.
    	Allows use of per-device entry types for these.
    	* sources/rb-sourcelist.c: (rb_sourcelist_edit_source_name):
    	When editing a source's name, expand the tree so the source is
    	* shell/rb-shell-clipboard.c: (rb_shell_clipboard_sync),
    	(add_playlist_to_menu):  Disable the add-to-playlist menu when the
    	selected source's entry type doesn't have playlists.
    	* shell/rb-statusbar.c: (rb_statusbar_sync_status):
    	Adjust the statusbar progress bar logic so the library being busy
    	doesn't take precedence over all other progress values.
    	* plugins/generic-player/Makefile.am:
    	* plugins/generic-player/generic-player-ui.xml:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-playlist-source.c:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-playlist-source.h:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-plugin.c:
    	(rb_generic_player_plugin_delete_playlist), (create_source_cb):
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-source.c:
    	(rb_generic_player_source_class_init), (impl_constructor),
    	(impl_set_property), (impl_get_property), (set_playlist_formats),
    	(debug_device_info), (get_device_info), (impl_dispose),
    	(impl_finalize), (rb_generic_player_source_new),
    	(impl_delete_thyself), (import_complete_cb),
    	(import_status_changed_cb), (load_songs), (default_get_mount_path),
    	(impl_get_status), (playlist_deleted_cb),
    	(default_uri_from_playlist_uri), (default_uri_to_playlist_uri),
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-source.h:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-nokia770-source.c:
    	(rb_nokia770_source_class_init), (impl_uri_from_playlist_uri):
    	Use RhythmDBImportJob to add files from the player.  Use its signals
    	to display import status.  Only load playlists from the device when
    	the import is complete, so the ordering doesn't get lost.
    	Add import error and ignored file entry types for each generic player
    	device.  Create an import errors source so they don't go into the main 
    	import errors source.
    	Add methods to map URIs from the file system to the device, so we can
    	write playlists to the device that it can understand.  Default mapping
    	from the file system to the device is to strip the device's mount
    	Move playlist load/save methods to a new generic player playlist
    	source class.  Add methods and UI actions to create and delete playlists 
    	on the device.  When these playlists are marked dirty, save them to
    	the device after a short delay.
    	Add support for iRiver .pla playlists if totem is new enough.
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