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    GIO port, 6+ months in the making. magnatune and jamendo plugins still · d7c1aab1
    Jonathan Matthew authored
    2008-07-29  Jonathan Matthew  <jonathan@d14n.org>
    	GIO port, 6+ months in the making.
    	magnatune and jamendo plugins still need to be ported, and something
    	still needs to happen with the mtp plugin too.
    	* configure.ac:
    	* backends/gstreamer/Makefile.am:
    	* lib/Makefile.am:
    	Increase required versions of glib and nautilus-cd-burner (for gio),
    	and libsoup and gstreamer.  Drop howl mdns support.
    	* lib/gsequence.c:
    	* lib/gsequence.h:
    	* shell/rb-history.c:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-property-model.c:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-query-model.c:
    	Drop our internal copy of gsequence.  It was added to glib in 2.14, we
    	require 2.16 now.
    	* shell/Makefile.am:
    	* backends/rb-player.c: (rb_player_new):
    	* backends/gstreamer/rb-player-gst-xfade.c:
    	* backends/gstreamer/rb-player-gst.c: (rb_player_gst_class_init),
    	Always compile in the crossfading player backend and GStreamer missing
    	plugin support.
    	* lib/rb-proxy-config.c: (rb_proxy_config_get_libsoup_uri):
    	* lib/rb-proxy-config.h:
    	* lib/rb-soup-compat.h:
    	Drop libsoup 2.2.
    	* backends/gstreamer/rb-encoder-gst.c:
    	(rb_encoder_gst_emit_completed), (new_decoded_pad_cb),
    	(prompt_for_overwrite), (attach_output_pipeline),
    	Where possible, use giostreamsink.  When creating the output stream,
    	prompt for overwriting if the target file already exists.  If
    	giostreamsink can't write to the target location, use whatever sink
    	gstreamer wants to use, without the overwrite prompt.
    	* lib/eel-gconf-extensions.c:
    	* lib/rb-file-helpers.c:
    	* lib/rb-file-helpers.h:
    	* lib/rb-util.c:
    	* lib/rb-util.h:
    	Rewrite file helper functions using gio, dropping some we don't need
    	any more (rb_uri_resolve_relative, mostly).  rb_uri_handle_recursively
    	and rb_uri_handle_recursively_async are now mostly our own
    	implementation, as gio doesn't provide anything like these functions.
    	Add some functions to check for free space on the drive containing a
    	directory, and something like g_file_make_directory_with_parents.
    	Leave URI canonicalisation up to gio entirely - just create a GFile
    	from the URI (or whatever) and extract the URI from it.
    	* metadata/rb-metadata-dbus-service.c: (main):
    	* metadata/rb-metadata-gst.c: (rb_metadata_init),
    	(make_undecodable_error), (rb_metadata_gst_unknown_type_cb),
    	(rb_metadata_bus_handler), (rb_metadata_load), (rb_metadata_save),
    	* metadata/rb-metadata.h:
    	Remove gnome-vfs and gnome-authentication calls, remove #ifdefs for
    	missing plugin support, and use giostreamsink to create temporary
    	tag-writing output files and rename them over the original file.
    	* plugins/Makefile.am:
    	* plugins/audiocd/rb-audiocd-plugin.c:
    	* plugins/audiocd/rb-audiocd-source.c:
    	* plugins/audiocd/rb-audiocd-source.h:
    	* plugins/audiocd/sj-metadata-musicbrainz.c:
    	Instead of nautilus-cd-burner, ask HAL to identify audio CDs for us.
    	n-c-b wasn't really helping us much here.
    	* plugins/audioscrobbler/rb-audioscrobbler-entry.c:
    	* plugins/audioscrobbler/rb-audioscrobbler-entry.h:
    	* plugins/audioscrobbler/rb-audioscrobbler.c:
    	* plugins/audioscrobbler/rb-lastfm-source.c:
    	Drop libsoup 2.2 compatibility, use gio to load and save the queue
    	* plugins/cd-recorder/rb-cd-recorder-plugin.c:
    	* plugins/cd-recorder/rb-playlist-source-recorder.c:
    	* plugins/cd-recorder/rb-recorder-gst.c:
    	Drop heaps of #ifdefs for old n-c-b versions, move free space checks
    	to rb-util.
    	* plugins/daap/Makefile.am:
    	* plugins/daap/rb-daap-connection.c:
    	* plugins/daap/rb-daap-plugin.c:
    	* plugins/daap/rb-daap-share.c:
    	* plugins/daap/rb-daap-src.c:
    	* plugins/daap/rb-daap-mdns-browser-howl.c:
    	* plugins/daap/rb-daap-mdns-publisher-howl.c:
    	Drop howl mdns and libsoup 2.2 support.  Use gio to send files to
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-playlist-source.c:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-plugin.c:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-source.c:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-generic-player-source.h:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-nokia770-source.c:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-nokia770-source.h:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-psp-source.c:
    	* plugins/generic-player/rb-psp-source.h:
    	Rewrite all file handling code with gio, create sources based off
    	GMounts.  Probably not using the right drive/volume name yet.
    	PSP and nokia770 sources are completely untested.
    	* plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-db.c:
    	* plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-db.h:
    	* plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-plugin.c:
    	* plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.c:
    	* plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.h:
    	Rewrite file/path handling code with gio.
    	* plugins/iradio/rb-iradio-source.c:
    	* plugins/iradio/rb-station-properties-dialog.c:
    	Use gio URI/file functions, replace gnome_vfs_uri_list_parse with
    	* plugins/magnatune/magnatune/BuyAlbumHandler.py:
    	* plugins/magnatune/magnatune/__init__.py:
    	Remove unnecessary gnomevfs imports
    	* plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-plugin.c:
    	* plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-source.c:
    	Rewrite some file handling code using gio, use new free space checking
    	function in rb-file-helpers.
    	* plugins/rb-plugins-engine.c:
    	Rewrite plugin scanning code with gio.
    	* plugins/rb/Loader.py:
    	Add a gio loader implementation that probably doesn't work, drop the
    	urllib implementation (we'll require a new enough version of pygobject
    	to allow us to just use the gio implementation soon)
    	* podcast/rb-feed-podcast-properties-dialog.c:
    	* podcast/rb-podcast-manager.c:
    	* podcast/rb-podcast-parse.c:
    	* podcast/rb-podcast-properties-dialog.c:
    	* podcast/test-podcast-parse.c: (main):
    	gio doesn't provide anything like gnome_vfs_async_xfer (thankfully!),
    	so add our own simple download thread.  Implement simple easily-fooled
    	download resume by seeking to an offset equal to the current size of
    	the local file.  Rewrite content type checking and URI display code
    	with gio.
    	* remote/dbus/Makefile.am:
    	* remote/dbus/rb-client.c: (main):
    	Remove glib version checks, rewrite argument handling using gio.
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-import-job.c:
    	Update for rb_uri_handle_recursively_async changes, use a GCancellable
    	to cancel the import.
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-monitor.c:
    	Use gio file/directory monitoring.  Not quite using it fully yet -
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-tree.c:
    	Bump database format number, as URIs need to be canonicalised yet
    	again.  Use a GCancellable to cancel loading.
    	* rhythmdb/Makefile.am:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb-private.h:
    	* lib/rb-marshal.list:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb.c:
    	* rhythmdb/rhythmdb.h:
    	gio doesn't have a 'stat 10000 files' function, so implement it ourselves
    	with a thread.  Attempt to mount volumes as required, emitting a
    	signal to create a mount operation (rhythmdb theoretically shouldn't
    	use gtk).  Move directory recursion into the action thread, rather
    	than creating a new thread each time.  Use GSlice to allocate
    	RhythmDBEvent and RhythmDBAction structures; we often have quite a lot
    	of them.  Remove the gnome-vfs trash code, leaving the gio code added
    	before 0.11.5.
    	* shell/main.c: (main), (load_uri_args):
    	Remove gnome authentication manager calls.  Use gio to process
    	commandline args.
    	* shell/rb-missing-plugins.c: (rb_missing_plugins_init):
    	* shell/rb-playlist-manager.c:
    	* shell/rb-shell-player.c: (rb_shell_player_class_init),
    	(volume_pre_unmount_cb), (rb_shell_player_init),
    	* shell/rb-shell-preferences.c: (help_cb),
    	(rb_shell_preferences_init), (rb_shell_preferences_sync):
    	* shell/rb-shell.c: (rb_shell_create_mount_op_cb), (construct_db),
    	(rb_shell_cmd_contents), (rb_shell_load_uri):
    	* shell/rb-tray-icon.c: (rb_tray_icon_drop_cb):
    	Various bits of rewriting for gio.  With new enough gtk+, use
    	gtk_show_uri to display help rather than gnome_help_display, and
    	create gtk mount operations when requested by rhythmdb.
    	* bindings/python/rb.override:
    	* shell/rb-removable-media-manager.c:
    	* shell/rb-removable-media-manager.h:
    	* sources/rb-removable-media-source.c:
    	Use gio's drive/volume/mount monitor.  Handle both mounts and volumes
    	because in some cases (audio CDs, mostly) we don't require the volume
    	to be mounted, but mostly we do.  If a source is created for a volume,
    	don't allow one to be created for the corresponding mount, and vice
    	versa.  When asked to 'eject', first try ejecting the volume, then the
    	mount, and then unmount instead.  If eject or unmount fails, don't
    	remove the corresponding source.
    	* sources/rb-auto-playlist-source.c:
    	* sources/rb-browser-source.c:
    	* sources/rb-library-source.c:
    	* sources/rb-play-queue-source.c:
    	* sources/rb-playlist-source.c:
    	* sources/rb-podcast-source.c:
    	* sources/rb-static-playlist-source.c:
    	Rewrite file handling, URI formatting, list parsing, etc. code with
    	gio equivalents.
    	* widgets/rb-entry-view.c: (rb_entry_view_location_cell_data_func):
    	* widgets/rb-entry-view.h:
    	* widgets/rb-property-view.c:
    	* widgets/rb-query-creator-properties.c:
    	* widgets/rb-song-info.c: (rb_song_info_update_filesize),
    	* widgets/rb-uri-dialog.c:
    	Replace gnome-vfs URI formatting and unescaping functions with gio
    	* tests/bench-rhythmdb-load.c: (main):
    	* tests/test-audioscrobbler.c: (START_TEST):
    	* tests/test-file-helpers.c: (main):
    	* tests/test-rhythmdb-property-model.c: (main):
    	* tests/test-rhythmdb-query-model.c: (main):
    	* tests/test-rhythmdb.c: (main):
    	Update test programs, mostly removing gnome_vfs_init() and
    	* lib/rb-debug.c: (rb_debug_init_match):
    	Add gio log domain to the set we handle to interrupt debuggers.
    	From #510392, fixes #319758.
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