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Lubosz Sarnecki requested to merge lubosz/quadrapassel:standardize into master

This series of patches makes minor changes to Quadrapassel so it is more conformant to the standards of games like this, so it is more appealing to players that play these kind of game on many platforms.

Color Scheme

The coloring of Quadrapassel is nice but it does not match the Tetrominos to conform with the standard.

I changed the plane and default clear color theme to comply with the standard, while leaving the colors mostly as they were. I introduced cyan in both themes and adjusted blue and magenta in the clear theme to be more blue and magenta.

The color changes probably won't impact players that are not used to the standard colors, but will please and assure players that are.

More information about the color standard:

The word Tetromino is a compound word of "tetra" and "domino" and is not not copyrighted. It was chosen by Alexey Pajitnov when creating his game in combination with "Tennis". The Wikipedia article for Tetromino also uses the above standard color scheme.

Playfield size

Most players will be used to the standard playfield size of 20x10, which is not only the modern standard, but also available on retro consoles. On patch in the series sets the Quadreapassel playfield from 20x14 to 20x10. If you want to keep your drastic change in playfield size I would advice to at least make it optional to set the playfield to standard.

Rotation direction

While being properly implemented for game pads, the keyboard rotation key binding was only settable to one key, while having a annoying setting for rotation direction, that cannot be manipulated during game time. Both directions are required to play the game. A patch in this series introduces a new keybinding for counter clockwise rotation. Another patch removes the then redundant GSetting.

Hope you are interested in these changes and into the direction of making Quadrapassel a more conformant implementation.

If you accept these changes I will look into further improvements of Quadrapassel. My wish list contains things like hold, bag randomizer, rotation conformance, wall kick, 6 piece preview and correct game end detection.

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