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    * pitivi/Makefile.am: · cbdb5f78
    Edward Hervey authored
    * pitivi/instance.py:
    * pitivi/check.py:
    Added global application instance (instance.PiTiVi) to avoid having to
    do some crack like passing pitivi's self down all the objects for the
    one single object that needs it.
    * pitivi/effects.py:
    * pitivi/pitivi.py:
    Files fixed to use instance.PiTiVi
    * pitivi/timeline.py:
    wrong comment
    * pitivi/ui/complextimeline.py:
    Connect to composition duration update to inform ruler.
    * pitivi/ui/layerwidgets.py:
    * pitivi/ui/mainwindow.py:
    * pitivi/ui/timeline.py:
    * pitivi/ui/timelineobjects.py:
    * pitivi/ui/plumber.py:
    * pitivi/ui/viewer.py:
    switch to instance.PiTiVi
    * pitivi/ui/sourcefactories.py:
    First try at showing audio/video FX in the UI
    * pitivi/ui/tracklayer.py:
    First go at complex timeline source drag/drop
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