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Draft: docs: Add development environment setup under WSL.

Brady Garvin requested to merge brady.j.garvin/pitivi:wsl_instructions into master

This is a work-in-progress MR documenting how to create a Pitivi development environment by running Ubuntu 20.04 or a similar distro under Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Questions on the process itself:

  • I'm betting that Step 11 could be better since the OS's might be old. Are there options for building a .so providing the pulsesink element in the gst-build environment? Similar questions apply to the other three plugins that some students needed symlinked to get the test cases passing.

  • It seems surprising that Step 12 is necessary, especially since the data/pixmaps is added to the Yaru icon theme's search path when I enter the gst-build environment. Did I overlook something earlier?

  • In Step 13, I am copying and patching the pre-commit hook instead of symlinking it. Obviously it would be better to submit an MR to make the hook work under WSL by default, but I wanted to get your opinions and first make sure that looking for pre-commit with which is safe under all environments. The blame suggests that care might be required with GNOME Builder, which I have not used. If the hook can't be symlinked, then the first paragraph in …/docs/ should probably acknowledge that that the hook could actually be a copy.

Questions on the documentation:

  • Should link to

  • If so, should be under or in sitemap.txt?

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