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Draft: Migrate from docker to buildah

Alexandru Băluț requested to merge aleb/pitivi:buildah into master

For fixing #2492

This should work, but running flatpak-builder in a Buildah container in a Docker container does not work.

The error happens when flatpak-builder attempts to build the first module, looks like:

Starting build of org.pitivi.Pitivi
Building module python3-ipdb in /build/pitivi-flatpak-cache/build/python3-ipdb-1
Running: pip3 install --no-index --find-links="file://${PWD}" --prefix=${FLATPAK_DEST} ipdb
bwrap: No permissions to creating new namespace, likely because the kernel does not allow non-privileged user namespaces. On e.g. debian this can be enabled with 'sysctl kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1'.
Error: module python3-ipdb: Child process exited with code 1
subprocess exited with status 1

This happens despite the docker container created by the Gitlab Runner being privileged.

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