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    New generated public header file pango-features.h. Currently contains the · d6956a1a
    Behdad Esfahbod authored
    2006-12-06  Behdad Esfahbod  <behdad@gnome.org>
            * configure.in:
            * pango/Makefile.am:
            New generated public header file pango-features.h.  Currently contains
            the version information.  In the future, can be expanded to define
            which backends have been enabled, etc.
            * pango/pango.def:
            * pango/pango-utils.h:
            * pango/pango-utils.c:
            New public macros and functions: PANGO_VERSION_ENCODE(),
            pango_version(), pango_version_string(), pango_version_check().
            * docs/pango-docs.sgml:
            * docs/pango-sections.txt:
            * docs/tmpl/pango-version.sgml:
            Docs for new symbols, in a new section.
            * examples/renderdemo.c (show_version):
            If run-time Pango lib version is different than the compile-time one,
            show that one too.
            * pango/pango.h:
            #include <pango-utils.h> as well as almost all other public pango-*.h
            headers (though, the other ones were already included indirectly).
            The only public pango-*.h header pango.h shouldn't include are
            pango-ot.h (which is really misnamed) and pango-modules.h (that should
            not be needed by 99.99% users anyway).
            * docs/Makefile.am:
            * docs/check.docs: Test to check that all symbols are documented and
            properly hooked into documentation tree.
            * pango/pango.rc.in:
            * pango/pangoft2.rc.in:
            * pango/pangowin32.rc.in:
            Update, reflecting some internal symbol changes.
            * pango/check.defs: Improve.
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