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    layout: Count last-item space toward line width in more cases · 14d66efb
    Sergey Bugaev authored
    Normally, when Pango wraps a line after a space character, the space
    character itself is said to be collapsed, and is not counted towards
    the width of the line. This is implemented by adding a negative width
    adjustment (extra_width). This has been implemented in commit
    "Handle break-after-space correctly", and a few follow-up fix-ups.
    There is a corner case: when the space we're trying to break at is the
    last character in the paragraph, it should not get collapsed. This has
    been implemented in commit 8ba98271
    "layout: Fix a cornercase of line width accounting". However, due to
    parts of the logic being duplicated in different places, that patch
    forgot to update some of those places. Fix that by not collapsing the
    space width in the other parts of the logic too.
    In practice, this manifested as a Pango layout reporting to be wider
    than its explicit width limit (layout->width), because the final space
    was counted as collapsed (negative extra_width) when deciding whether to
    break the line, and as uncollapsed when measuring the resulting line
    width afterwards. That was in turn causing issues in GTK, where a
    GtkLabel widget would get confused because of this fact, and report an
    incorrect minimum width, and that, in turn, would be breaking
    assumptions in the layout machinery several layers up in the widget
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSergey Bugaev <>