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Add tests for clock app

Asiful Alam requested to merge axif0/openqa-tests:clock into master

I have added several tests for Clock application. I have also added following improvement -

  • Error Handling: Error handling has been added to the script using the Try::Tiny module. This will help to make the script more robust and easier to debug. If an operation fails, the script will stop and display an error message.

  • Descriptive Needle Names: The needle names in the script have been made more descriptive to make the script easier to understand and maintain. For example, OPEN_ALARM_MENU, CREATE_NEW_ALARM, SAVE_ALARM, START_STOPWATCH, START_TIMER, OPEN_WORLD_CLOCKS.

  • Alarm Time Calculation: The script now calculates the alarm time to be one minute after the current time. This ensures that the alarm will go off during the execution of the test, which is helpful for testing the alarm functionality.

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