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Sam Thursfield requested to merge sam/pipeline-report into master

This is a commandline tool to show status of the GNOME OpenQA tests.

Example output:

Latest gnome-build-meta pipeline on default branch is 523382. Pipeline status: success

GNOME OS version:

 * Repo: gnome-build-meta
 * Commit: 2b5766cee9bd2594d99eee3b1577c9b8325283d3
 * Commit date: 2023-05-02T17:22:05.000+00:00
 * Commit title: Revert "freedesktop-sdk.bst: override gnome software in the junction"

Integration tests status (Gitlab):

 * Pipeline:
 * test-s3-image job:
 * test-s3-image job status: failed
 * test-s3-image job finished at: 2023-05-02T19:31:38.859Z

Integration tests status (OpenQA):

 * OpenQA job:


  * sdk/gtk.bst: 4.11.1-407-g538605eccb3be95a8eb6cffc9f67182ff1bdd7cf
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