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    Rework architecture of NautilusWindow/NautilusWindowSlotInfo · ad0d377a
    Cosimo Cecchi authored
    In the past, nautilus was designed keeping in mind the concept that it
    might not just be a file browser, but a sort of platform to embed
    various kind of views in it.
      - libnautilus-private: general lowlevel items, such as the icon
        container, NautilusFile, I/O and so on
      - src: general widgets and UI items
      - src/file-manager: file manager views, agnostic of what's in src/,
        for the sake of being pluggable enough
    This is really not applicable anymore, as nautilus won't go in any
    direction other than being a file manager; at the same time, this
    complicates code and architecture quite a lot.
    In this commit, as a first step towards a more clean codebase, we remove
    the NautilusWindowInfo and NautilusWindowSlotInfo interfaces, using
    NautilusWindow and NautilusWindowSlot directly.
    Note that there should be no actual code changes, only moving of pieces
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