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    pathbar: handle context menu · 5edca92b
    Georges Basile Stavracas Neto authored
    NautilusView is an abstract class that manages
    various context menus, depending on the view's
    location, the clicked point and the implementation
    While this in theory provides a good isolation
    from other classes, in practice NautilusView
    manages the pathbar context menu, which is not
    necessary, as it doesn't depend on the current
    view anymore after the GAction rework.
    Fix that by making NautilusPathBar manage the
    context menu by itself instead of the view. To
    cleanly implement that, add a new signal that
    matches GtkPlacesSidebar::open-location signature,
    and adapt NautilusWindow to reuse the existing
    methods to handle pathbar's new signal.
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