Draft: general: use blueprint, add autoconverted UI files

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Blueprint is a new markup language for GTK user interfaces, that has several benefits over XML UI files. The simpler syntax makes it easier to read and write. It also should improve readability and reviewability of UI changes.

This adds the compiler as a subproject and converts an initial set of XML UI files that the blueprint compiler porting tool supported to the new blueprint format.

In case that blueprint should ever stop being supported, the XML files that are created upon building can be used to revert to XML based UI files.

This is a draft because:

  • This would require Blueprint as a core dependency (I don't know where this would have to be discussed)
  • Not meant for 43
  • It is mostly just to see if that is something that would be interesting for Files. I have used it in another project and the pleasantness to work with it versus XML is like night and day.
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