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file-conflict-dialog: Misc UI changes

  • Port to AdwToolbarView
  • Use .destructive-action in the "Replace" button, like in the mockups dropped, because the Merge button is also affected. See !1477 (comment 2066611)
  • Improve mnemonics of "Replace" & "Rename" buttons
  • Fix mnemonics
  • Fix "Apply this action..." check button warning & add a mnemonic

See also: !1476 (merged) and !1481 (merged)

Before After
Screenshot_from_2024-03-28_21-32-33 Screenshot_from_2024-03-28_21-49-28
Screenshot_from_2024-03-28_22-15-55 Screenshot_from_2024-03-28_22-15-39
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