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Draft: initial prototype of swipe to go back/forward in fileview

initial prototype attempt at #845

As far as I'm concerned, this has full required functionality. I would like to add two/three more things

  • currently it doesnt work in empty folders
  • works only above fileview, don't know if it would even be good design wise if it worked over whole window
  • the hard part - some kind of visual feedback, probably attempt to copy what firefox is doing

The elephant in the room, this is basically my first real attempt at C and GTK, so I will probably need a lot of direction to get this to mergable state, if anybody is willing to do that. It should probably go into history-controls first thing, direction on how to access the fileview handle from there would be great. Also no idea where to start on the visual feedback thing or how to solve the empty folder problem. I would guess take the scroll event from widget above the file view, but does it emit scroll events when its not scrollable window? No idea really.

But it seems like a fun project to learn more low level programming and if you try the branch on touchpad, youll agree that it really elevates the experience. My background is in games with C#, godot, bit of shaders.

Of course, if anybody just wants to finish this without dealing with me, feel free.

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