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previewer: Enable use of NautilusPreviewerDevel

Corey Berla requested to merge wip/corey/sushi-devel into main

Nautilus uses NautilusPreviewer regardless of if we are using the development or default profile. Now that Sushi has introduced a nightly version, let's default the Nautilus nightly version to use Sushi nightly when available. If NautilusPreviewerDevel is not available then fall back to NautilusPreviewer

With these changes, we get a few freebies:

  • No blocking i/o during application initialization
  • Add a cancellable just in case

While we are at it, stop using the name "v2" since NautilusPreviewer2 is assumed to be used.

Depends on: sushi!40 (merged)

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