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Fix pipeline on gnome-42 branch

Ondrej Holy requested to merge wip/oholy/yaml-42 into gnome-42

This all is needed to make the pipeline happy on the gnome-42 branch. This is pretty annoying. Is it desired? Shouldn't we rather switch all dependencies to stable releases on our stable branches to avoid such issues in the future? Shouldn't we use the old image for the style check job instead (although this might fail in some cases as well when cherry-picking)? The style check job is disabled for gnome- branches, but it doesn't apply to pipelines that are part of merge requests currently (we would have to probably disable pipelines for $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == push and use $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == merge_request_event instead and add a rule with $CI_MERGE_REQUEST_TARGET_BRANCH_NAME == master). What do you think?

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