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    Include the .idl files of other modules that we use. Define -D_REENTRANT, · ed8a9567
    Elliot Lee authored
    * idl/*.idl: Include the .idl files of other modules that we use.
    * libnautilus/Makefile.am, src/Makefile.am, src/file-manager/Makefile.am:
    Define -D_REENTRANT, just in case.
    * src/file-manager/Makefile.am: Add cflags for .idl compilation.
    * components/help/Makefile.am: Build converters. Stop installing
    the now-unneeded .schemes file.
    * components/websearch/ntl-web-search.c: Get rid of
    * libnautilus/nautilus-icons-view-icon-item.c: Get rid of missing
    prototypes and associated warnings by including needed headers.
    * src/ntl-types.h, src/ntl-uri-map.[ch], src/ntl-window.h,
    src/ntl-window-msgs.c: Remove scheme mapping functionality (now
    done in gnome-vfs). Use asynchronous version of get_file_info.
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