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    completes task 1567. it shows a bug in the way the history view displays · 62ce8b92
    Mathieu Lacage authored
    2000-08-19  Mathieu Lacage  <mathieu@eazel.com>
            completes task 1567. it shows a bug in the way the history
            view displays the current location given the history. to be
    	fixed soon.
            * components/history/nautilus-history-view.c:
            (history_load_location), (history_title_changed), (make_obj):
            add title_changed_callback, connect it to changed_title signal.
            make it call load_location.
            Hack evil stuff in load_location: a hand-made lock because the
            function calls some gtk calls which seem to make the main loop
    		run at least once. This allowed the main loop to use the events
    	in the event queue and it happened that the title_changed signal
    	is usually emited more than once so it called again the
    	non-reentrant signal callback... BAD THINGS HAPPENED.
    	* libnautilus/nautilus-view-component.idl: add changed_title method
    	to Nautilus::View.
    	* libnautilus/nautilus-view.c: (impl_Nautilus_View_title_changed),
    	(nautilus_view_initialize_class): implement the new idl function and
    	add a signal for it.
            * libnautilus/nautilus-view.h: add the new signal class method.
            * src/nautilus-view-frame-bonobo-control.c: add the title_changed
            field to the vtable.
            * src/nautilus-view-frame-nautilus-view.c: (title_changed): idem.
            * src/nautilus-view-frame-private.h: idem.
            * src/nautilus-view-frame.c: (nautilus_view_frame_title_changed):
            add api function to emit the signal and make the actual corba call.
            * src/nautilus-view-frame.h: add function prototype.
            * src/nautilus-window-manage-views.c: add calls to
            (nautilus_window_update_title): to notify view frames of changed
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