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    operations: show a notification when operation finishes · 2d5a7e6d
    Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
    When the operations popover is not visible, we have to give
    feedback to the user about if an operation finished.
    For that, show a in-app notification in case the operation popover
    is closed and a operation finishes. Also, to link the notification
    with the operation button, make the button pulse for a second.
    The code interaction between nautilus-file-operations and nautilus-progress-info
    start to get crowed. At some point, the best we can do is delegate all the
    progress UI part to nautilus-progress-info, providing all the needed information
    like the CommonJob, TransferInfo and SourceInfo; so we avoid the current
    odd interaction between them. This is a future work.
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