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    cullable: Turn cull_out / reset_culling into a separate interface · 74e43a47
    Jasper St. Pierre authored
    Instead of hardcoded knowledge of certain classes in MetaWindowGroup,
    create a generic interface that all actors can implement to get parts of
    their regions culled out during redraw, without needing any special
    knowledge of how to handle a specific actor.
    The names now are a bit suspect. MetaBackgroundGroup is a simple
    MetaCullable that knows how to cull children, and MetaWindowGroup is the
    "toplevel" cullable that computes the initial two regions. A future
    cleanup here could be to merge MetaWindowGroup / MetaBackgroundGroup so
    that we only have a generic MetaSimpleCullable, and move the "toplevel"
    cullability to be a MetaCullableToplevel.
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