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    Always map the client and frame windows · aec3edb1
    Jasper St. Pierre authored
    Traditionally, WMs unmap windows when minimizing them, and map them
    when restoring them or wanting to show them for other reasons, like
    upon creation.
    However, as metacity morphed into mutter, we optionally chose to keep
    windows mapped for the lifetime of the window under the user option
    "live-window-previews", which makes the code keep windows mapped so it
    can show window preview for minimized windows in other places, like
    Alt-Tab and Expose.
    I removed this preference two years ago mechanically, by removing all
    the if statements, but never went through and cleaned up the code so
    that windows are simply mapped for the lifetime of the window -- the
    "architecture" of the old code that maps and unmaps on show/hide was
    still there.
    Remove this now.
    The one case we still need to be careful of is shaded windows, in which
    we do still unmap the client window. In the future, we might want to
    show previews of shaded windows in the overview and Alt-Tab. In that
    we'd also keep shaded windows mapped, and could remove all unmap logic,
    but we'd need a more complex method of showing the shaded titlebar, such
    as using a different actor.
    At the same time, simplify the compositor interface by removing
    meta_compositor_window_[un]mapped API, and instead adding/removing the
    window on-demand.
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