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    actor: Always use get_paint_volume override for active effects · 5d19aee2
    Sam Spilsbury authored
    If an effect is active and it overrides the paint volume, we should
    always recompute the paint volume when requested and not use the
    cache, since the paint volume override can change from call to
    call depending on what phase of painting we are in. For instance,
    if we are part way through painting effects and request the
    paint volume, the paint volume should only go up to the current
    effect, but in a later call to compute repaint regions, the
    paint volume needs to expand to accomadate the effect.
    This still involves a lot of recomputation in the case of effects -
    in a later clutter version it would be worth adding an API to
    allow effects to explicitly recompute and return a new the paint
    volume up to the current effect as opposed to recomputing
    the cached one.
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