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    Make libmutter and friends parallel installable · 4ebc55f2
    Jonas Ådahl authored
    In order to minimize the amount of breakage, while at the same time
    making it easier to make backward incompatible changes needed to
    continue turning libmutter into a capable Wayland compositor, make the
    libmutter and friends (libmutter-clutter, libmutter-cogl*) parallel
    installable by adding a version number to the name. This changes
    various filenames, for example what previously was libmutter.so is now
    libmutter-0.so (assuming the version for now is 0), and
    libmutter-clutter-1.0.so is now libmutter-clutter-0.so. The pkg-config
    filenames and GObject introspection has been renamed to reflect this as
    This enables a downstream compositor rely on a specific version of the
    libmutter API, while gracefully handling API/ABI changes by having to
    update to the new version at their own pace.
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