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    2.8.6 == · 13e0c20a
    Rob Adams authored
    This is a stable release for Gnome 2.8.1.
    Thanks to the Ken Harris, Kjartan Maraas, and the tireless efforts of
    Elijah Newren for fixes in this release.
      * Ensure the correct window is focused when minimizing (Elijah)
      * Fix keynav with mouse focus (Elijah)
      * Fix several race conditions in window focusing (Elijah)
      * Focus the top window when lowering by frame click (Ken)
      * Fix some compiler warnings (Kjartan)
      * Fix some valgrind-reported errors (Elijah)
      * Fix some potential issues with autoraising windows (Elijah)
      * en_CA(Adam Weinberger), it(Luca Ferretti)
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