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Draft: [RFC] Add color management support via DRM KMS

Naveen Kumar requested to merge naveenk2/mutter:add-color-support into main

[RFC] This MR tries to implement the [color crtc] color management support via DRM/KMS path which does the colorspace conversion(csc) from default/sRGB/BT709 to BT2020 and vice versa.

It has been implemented to work via DRM KMS path if the display hw is capable enough to do conversion. Fallback path via GL shaders are already being implemented here !3433.

This should add support for color management hw pipeline (Degamma|CTM|Gamma) through DRM KMS path. Based on surface & target colorspace comparison, it will program DRM KMS color management hw blocks for colorspace conversion.

[KMD Rebase is in-progress] DRM KMS UAPIs: - Enhance pipe color support for multi segmented luts

This supersedes all the previous work for Color management support via DRM KMS path (supersedes MRs !1898 (closed) & !3137 (closed))

Future Plans:

  • Add the support of other colorspaces (Currently supports Default/sRGB & BT2020)
  • Enhance the feature as per the feedback and other inputs from reviewers

Please review & provide design feedback for Color Management (i.e. Colorspace conversion) support via DRM/KMS path.

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