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Draft: screen-cast: add skeleton for PipeWire explicit sync

Wim Taymans requested to merge wtay/mutter:explicit-sync into main

This is an example of how I think explicit sync can be added to the PipeWire screen cast. I need some help with the details for managing the sync_fds and the sync_points. I'm not sure this API is already merged or not..

To test, the client also needs to add support for explicit sync. There are some draft example here: again, I have no idea if this can be implemented yet.

Add new param to request SyncTimeline metadata on buffer that contain the sync_point.

Add new Buffers param depending on the SyncTimeline metada and that adds extra space for the sync_fd.

When we receive a buffer from PipeWire with the SyncTimeline, alsa set up the spa_data with the sync_fd and the sync type. We use the GenericFd type.

When we render a buffer with SyncTimeline, render to the framebuffer and return the sync_point for the sync_fd.

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