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backends/eis-client: Use scroll source 'wheel' instead of 'unknown'

Pascal Nowack requested to merge pnowack/mutter:eieieieiei into main

Quoting the commit message here:

CLUTTER_SCROLL_SOURCE_UNKNOWN only generates continuous scroll events
and no discrete scroll events.
As a result, scrolling only works in applications, that support high
resolution scroll wheels, like GTK4 applications.
GTK3 applications, on the other hand, don't support high resolution
scroll wheel events, and such scrolling does not work in these

Fix this issue by using the scroll source CLUTTER_SCROLL_SOURCE_WHEEL.
Since commit 92a90774a4ea0056be9ddcddccbcedc76fd52b2d ([0]),
CLUTTER_SCROLL_SOURCE_WHEEL generates discrete events to ensure that
scrolling in legacy applications still works.

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