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Draft: Add support for the DRM lease protocol

Dallas Strouse requested to merge orowith2os/mutter:drm-leasing into main

Rebased Jonas Ådahl's and Hunor Csomortáni's past work (and rebase), with a few (very) minor updates.

I'm unable to fully test this, due to not having a display that can be marked as NON_DESKTOP (but I can patch that requirement out if need be, and possibly make it customizable via an environment variable)


yes. tl;dr is:

  1. check out old branch

  2. git rebase origin/main

  3. fix all conflicts that appear

  4. profit

step 2 can be changed to git rebase -i origin/main -x "ninja -C build" and it'll test build every commit

  • Fix up all the TODOs
  • Make sure meta_crtc_kms_is_leased is feeling okay
  • Add a gsetting to wall this as an experimental feature
  • Add an environment variable to allow connectors to forcefully be marked as NON_DISPLAY
  • Make sure it all works properly and follows the protocol
  • No compile warnings

People to bug when this needs testing:


See !2759 (closed) for the past attempt(s)

Closes #1743 (closed)

Signed-off-by: Dallas Strouse

Edited by Dallas Strouse

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