window/wayland: Don't initialize a window as showing

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With Wayland, a window is not showing until it's shown. Until this patch, the initial state of MetaWindow, on the other hand, was that a window is initialized as showing. This means that for a window to actually be classified as shown (MetaWindow::hidden set to FALSE), something would first have to hide it.

Normally, this wasn't an issue, as normally we'd first create a window, determine it shouldn't be visible (due to missing buffer), hide it before the next paint, then eventually show it. This doesn't work if mutter isn't drawing any frames at the moment (e.g. the user switched VT), as we'd miss the hiding before showing as e result of a buffer being attached. The most visible side effect is that a window can't be moved as the window actor remains frozen.

This commit fixes this issue by correctly classifying a newly created Wayland window as "hidden".

Fixes: #331 (closed)

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