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clutter/actor: Make sure to queue redraw on parent when unmapping actor

Jonas Dreßler requested to merge verdre/mutter:fix-1494 into master

As explained in #1494 (closed), with commit 29caa5be we stopped queueing a relayout for the parent of the removed actor in clutter_actor_remove_child_internal(). This relayout was, as opposed to the relayout in clutter_actor_real_hide()/clutter_actor_real_unmap(), queued unconditionally without looking at the parents NO_LAYOUT flag.

Now while that relayout in clutter_actor_remove_child_internal() would do unnecessary work if the parent had the NO_LAYOUT flag set, it did also queue a redraw of the parent, which is necessary in any case.

So by removing that relayout in clutter_actor_remove_child_internal(), we stopped queueing redraws for NO_LAYOUT parents when a child gets removed from the scenegraph. This caused bugs where the texture of the child would be left visible on the screen even though the child got destroyed.

To fix this, make sure again that we always queue a redraw on the parent when unmapping a child.

Fixes #1494 (closed)

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