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wayland/text-input: Open the OSK after setting input focus

Dor Askayo requested to merge doraskayo/mutter:text-input-enable into main

From the commit message:

    wayland/text-input: Open the OSK after setting input focus
    Otherwise the OSK remains closed when only a single
    zwp_text_input_v3.enable request for a given surface is received from
    a client.
    The previous behavior required focusing (or pressing) text input boxes
    twice for the OSK to open.
    This undoes a part of eabb789381f6 which doesn't appear to be
    necessary to accomplish its purpose of keeping the OSK open on input
    focus change within a surface.

I tested this with gtk3-widget-factory, the reproducer provided in #1506 and a few GNOME apps. In every case the OSK seemed to open when text input was focused, close when it was unfocused, and remain open when switching between multiple text input boxes within the same surface. The behavior was similar in that regard to the behavior seen in the X11 session.

I also tested this with a touchscreen and everything appeared to work as expected.

Closes: #1506

CC: @carlosg, @jadahl

Edited by Dor Askayo

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