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cleanup: Remove custom BoxLayout meta

Florian Müllner requested to merge fmuellner/mutter:bin-box-meta into master

Get in on the fun of cleaning out deprecated code, then change ClutterBoxLayout to only consider the generic align/expand properties for laying out children.

Quoting the last commit:

ClutterBoxLayout's layout policy of using the generic ClutterActor
align/expand properties for children that are expanded and a custom
meta otherwise is confusing, in particular as the x-fill/y-fill
defaults don't match the default CLUTTER_ACTOR_ALIGN_FILL align.

StBoxLayout's own custom child meta (which was deprecated last
cycle) is probably the only consumer. And luckily, the St meta
uses different x-fill/y-fill default that match the ClutterActor
defaults, so removing it will not affect code that doesn't use
the deprecated properties themselves.

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