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    onscreen/native: Mark GPU rendering duration as valid if supported · aaae07f9
    Robert Mader authored
    Since commit e30eb788 `ClutterFrameClock` assumes that a valid CPU time
    implies timestamp query support, which is also checked in
    Unconditionally setting the CPU time on direct scanout meant that the
    compositing path would be stuck on the last (direct scanout optimized)
    result on GL implementations without timestamp query support since.
    be0aa297 (clutter/frame-clock: Avoid rapidly toggling dynamic max render time)
    Fix that by explicitly marking the gpu rendering duration as valid when
    querying the GPU timestamps is supported and check for it ClutterFrameClock.
    Fixes: 56580ea7 ("backends/native: Assume zero rendering time for direct scanout buffers")
    Part-of: <!3655>