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    clutter/gesture: Add a new ClutterAction for touch and mouse gestures · 7dd37558
    Jonas Dreßler authored
    Introduce ClutterGesture, a new ClutterAction subclass and the successor
    of ClutterGestureAction that brings the necessary tools to handle
    sequences of events and abstract touch and mouse gestures from those.
    The big difference compared to ClutterGestureAction is that ClutterGesture
    provides the implementation with point_added/moved/ended and
    sequences_cancelled events and expects the implementation to move the
    ClutterGesture through the ClutterGestureState state machine. This state
    machine is then used internally by ClutterGesture to coordinate with other
    With the next commits, ClutterGesture will handle relationships between
    conflicting gestures completely by itself, allowing the implementation or
    the user to specify the details of the relationship between two gestures.
    Part-of: <!2389>