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imageView: Use custom sliding widget and IndexSet

Sophie Herold requested to merge wip/sophie-h/path-based-model into main

Use IndexSet to allow direct access by Path and also allow an arbitrary ordering that was not possible with Vec. Also add monitoring of file changes in the directory.

Use a custom LpSlidingView instead of AdwCarousel because Carousel was never designed for this job and suffered of bugs. LpSlidingView does not support swiping gestures yet since they currently don't work yet anyways #24 (closed).

Use a new algorithm to fill the LpSlidingView that is stateless and covers all potential changes in the directory. This not only fixes bugs but would also work with changed sorting orders.

This also adds build time template XML validation since it was useful for the refactoring #46 (closed).

Closes #9 (closed), #11 (closed), #30 (closed), #33 (closed), #42 (closed)

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