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Update CMake files

Markus Rickert requested to merge rickert/libxml2:cmake-update into master

Configures and installs pkgconfig (see #207 (closed)), xml2-config, and files with CMake. Uses ${pcfiledir} for relocatable packages. For now, only adds -l flags similar to autotools without specified directories. (Using Requires.private is an alternative in pkgconfig files, however Iconv does not provide pkg-config files).

Fixes ICU build with CMake by adding missing component options to find_package() as well as ICU::data and ICU::uc targets.

Removes include directories (not required) from link-only targets in CMake config files (both CMake and autotools).

Adds LibXml2::xmlcatalog target to autotools config file as well as LIBXML2_XMLCATALOG_EXECUTABLE variable.

Checks if targets exist when reading target properties in the config file, e.g., when programs are not built.

Checks if variables exist when defining targets in autotools CMake config file.

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